Michael Stein

加入於:2021 3 月 29 最近活躍:2024 4 月 19 iNaturalist

Botanist at Portland State University's Institute for Natural Resources, conducting Lotic MIM Surveys across Oregon, Washington, and California.

Bachelor's in Biology from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR.

I'm interested in the riparian vegetation of the semi-arid American West, as well as the local diversity of Pinaceae and Fagaceae across the Pacific Northwest, Great Basin, and California. I ID Salicaceae and the pandoras box that is Cyperaceae for a living, I ID Pinaceae as a hobby! Helping to confirm identifications within the genera Tsuga, Pseudotsuga, and Abies across the western U.S. and Canada (at this point pretty much all of N. America).

Instagram @botaniststein