Thilo Krueger 策展人

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I am a carnivorous plant researcher currently pursuing a PhD at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. My work focusses on the ecology, taxonomy and conservation of these fascinating plants, primarily through field research. Currently, I am studying plant-animal interactions such as prey spectra and pollinators, describing new species (mostly in the genus Drosera) and doing assessments of the conservation status of potentially threatened species.

Studying carnivorous plants in their natural habitats is my greatest passion, and I'm frequently on long fieldtrips throughout Australia to find as many species as possible. During a six-month fieldtrip from Darwin to Perth in 2014 (starting just days after I finished secondary school and turned 18), I observed over 175 carnivorous plant species and even discovered several new ones. This life-changing experience heavily influenced my subsequent academic career and led to my decision to relocate to south-west Australia which is the world's hotspot for carnivorous plant diversity.

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