Thomas Koffel 策展人

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I am a theoretical ecologist and postdoctoral associate in the Plant Biology department at the Michigan State University. I develop mathematical models to understand how plants adapt to their environment and modify it in return.

I try to have broad interests in natural history, from an initial passion for plants and birds to a more recent enthusiasm for fungi and invertebrates of all kinds (butterflies, dragonflies, true bugs, bees and wasps…).

Here is a list of links that I like to have at hand:

1) Observations in a 900 miles radius around Lawrence, KS:

2) Observations seen in the Midwest:,13,20,24,25,28,29,31,32,35,38,44&subview=grid

3) All the plants with a coefficient of conservatism greater than 3 in Douglas county, KS:,81969,81968,81971,81972,81973,81976&verifiable=any

4) Species seen in Douglas county, KS, that I have yet to see:

5) Vertebrates seen in Douglas county, KS that are not on my county list:

6) "Unknown" observations that need ID in a 900 miles radius around Lawrence, KS:

7) Find all the observations of galls (in the "Galls of North America" project) that have a given genus or species as a host (rosa here, with plantID 53438):

8) iNat's frequently used responses: