Ethan Wright

加入於:2020 7 月 26 最近活躍:2024 6 月 13 iNaturalist

PhD Student at University of Central Florida

BS in Biosciences (Conservation biology and ecology) from Arizona State University

Specialize in Coleoptera but Entomology in general is my bread n butter, big fan of plants secondarily

Did undergrad research through ASU's Hasbrouck Insect Collection helping curate the Charles O'Brien Weevil Collection and was a student worker continuing that work along with other curating tasks.

My Personal Collection Database, I ID many of my own specimens and often get help from professionals at the ASU Natural History Collections-
(Most of my specimens are undatabased due to not being ID'd yet, anyone that would like to obtain or identify my specimens from other orders than coleoptera just message me)