Wayne and Pam Osborn

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Underwater photographer and publisher of Reef Fish Book with 875 species from the Indo-Pacific region. Underwater images are also from Wayne's wife, Pam. Our books are free downloads from Apple Books or from our website www.wayneosborn.online

Book titles include:
Indo-Pacific Reef fishes
Indo-Pacific Reef Life
A Compendium of Wrasses
A Compendium of Nudibranchs
The Octopus Enigma
In Pursuit of Whales
Sperm Whales of the Azores
Rottnest Island

We are shutter jockeys not scientists so feedback on our inevitable errors is always welcome.

Pam's underwater images are all taken free diving and Wayne's on SCUBA. Wayne was elected a Fellow International of the Explorers Club in 2004 and was the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the year in 2012.

They have been documenting the Humpback migration in Western Australia since 2006 and have travelled 3940 Nautical Miles and photographed 3896 humpback whales. This work including whale song recordings is used for scientific research.

They have dived with sperm, humpback, fin, Bryde's, pilot whales and orcas from tropical to polar seas. Their whale photographs have been used in a number of scientific texts.