MC - Marie Cris Parao

加入於:2022 9 月 18 最近活躍:2024 6 月 18

Hello! I am MC. I am 21.

I am a student studying Biology in the Philippines, and I fancy photosynthetic, eukaryotic organisms especially ALGAE. I am a newbie here and I just started taking nice photographs of plants and animals that were discussed in class.

As I started to capture organisms, I have realized the significance of the morphology, physiology, ecology and the interconnectedness of living things together in one whole picture. So, I have decided to continue capturing more living things that I can access in our yard, during fieldwork, microscope viewing and sometimes just random insects that are in my way.

I have learned a lot with taking pictures of these organisms. Managed to draw them, see their anatomy by cross section dissection, managed to identify them and know them more.

For now, I am halfway through university and I am still exploring other biological features of the planet. If you would like to conjoin and share thoughts about Biology, feel free to strike a message!