Yehuda Altein

加入於:2022 8 月 15 最近活躍:2024 7 月 19

I'm a Jewish Orthodox rabbi living in Brooklyn fascinated by the wonders of the world around us. Rabbi and naturalist may not seem congruent, but I strongly believe they most certainly are. The marvels of the natural world, each creature beautiful in its own way and much more complex than we could ever imagine, highlight with ever increasing clarity the Hand of the Creator. And the extent of just how much each element of the universe is intricately intertwined, here too in ways we would never have believed possible, reflects the singular divine goal behind all of existence--to fill this world with goodness and kindness, making it a place G-d can call home.

A note on my observations: They are largely from my backyard and the surrounding few city blocks of concrete jungle--pretty much the extent of my nature travels at this point in life (as a husband and father of a house full of kids).