Zeb Akers

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Amateur field herpetologist and mycologist, with a preference for snakes and Amanita. Have spent most of my life in Alabama, much of it in the woods. New to intentional field herping & mycology, but have been admiring nature in a casual manner all my life. Trained in the sciences at UA & UAB, I've always enjoyed incorporating citizen-science into my hobbies, and iNaturalist has proven a convenient way to do so. A newfound passion for herpetofauna & fungi has opened my eyes to the astounding & underappreciated ecological diversity in Alabama, and fostered a new appreciation for the smaller things in nature that I previously overlooked. Current goals include finding all 42 species of snake native to Alabama and improving my fungal identification skills (particularly in polypores and Amanita). Please feel invited to correct or add to any of my IDs/observations. I'm by no means an expert and welcome all assistance, but especially appreciate redirection when I've incorrectly ID'd something.