Get these events on your schedule or plan your own!

New landing page for the City Nature Challenge in the Chicago Wilderness Region:

Events already planned to occur during the timeframe include:
4/28/2018: Bioblitz Warren Woods (Berrien County, MI)
4/28/2018: City Nature Challenge at the Evanston Ecology Center (northern Cook County, IL)
4/29/2018: Bioblitz of Sand Ridge & Burnham Greenway (southern Cook County, IL)
4/29/2018: Night Hike at Bobb Mann and Salt Creek (western Cook County, IL)
4/29/2018: Harms Woods Hike (northern Cook County, IL)

I'll put out another update with the full listing of events and details as well as we get closer to the weekend, but thought I would get these on your radar.

Remember you can plan your own event too! A lotta Cook County up there.

Chicago Wilderness Region:


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