Get ready!

Starting tonight at midnight! Full details for all the City Nature Challenge: Chicago Wilderness Region events are here:

Several events have been added in the past few days. Participate on your own in your favorite nature spot or join one of the mini bioblitzes this weekend.

A couple tips for a long weekend of bioblitzing:

  • I know you guys already have iNaturalist downloaded, but if you're attending an event with iNat newbies, let them know they should download the app before the event.
  • Don't forget your extra camera, batteries, and/or portable phone charger.
  • Water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray, something for scale like a ruler or coin, what else?
  • It's perfectly ok to post observations that don't have a photo. Especially important for birding and frogging! Just add all the other information--what you saw or heard, when, and where.
  • Depending on your cell service and data plan, you may want to turn OFF auto-upload and upload the observations once you get back to wifi.
  • Similarly, you may want to turn off the “Suggest Species” feature (though it’s pretty cool).
  • Focus on wild organisms: if you do observe captive or planted things like pets, house plants, or garden plants, be sure to mark them as such.
  • Look in a variety of places! Turn logs and rocks over (always put them back into place), look up, down, explore different types of habitat.
  • Let your friends know they should check out when they get home since the website has much more info than the app.
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