City Nature Challenge: Chicago Wilderness Region 2019?

The Chicago Wilderness Region needs an organizer for next year's City Nature Challenge 2019! It won't happen in our area without one. Volunteer and/or team up with a few other people to organize this event in our area!

See more information about signing up below:

"Hi everyone!

Thanks so much to those of you who made it to one of our three "new City Nature Challenge organizer" calls yesterday! We really enjoyed hearing from all of you around the world about why you're interested in the City Nature Challenge. Hopefully the calls were informative and gave you some background and details about what being a local organizer entails. There are some important next steps to become a local organizer:

  1. If you did not attend one of our calls, we recorded the third call yesterday.
    Please listen to the call here:
    And follow along with the agenda here:
    This is key to understanding the responsibilities and expectations of being a local organizer.

  2. Read over the Organizer Guidelines:
    This outlines what we're asking organizers to agree to in being part of the City Nature Challenge.

  3. Take all this information and decide if you/your organization has the capacity to organize the City Nature Challenge in your city for 2019. If you have questions you need answered before you can make a decision, please email both of us (Lila and Alison):,

4. If you decide to be an organizer for the 2019 City Nature Challenge, please sign up on this spreadsheet to officially become part of CNC 2019!:

The deadline for signing up is September 21, 2018! If we don't hear from you, we'll assume you're not planning to take part in CNC 2019.

  1. We'll hold our first planning phone calls with new and returning organizers in early October, so look for an email from us near the end of September.

Alison & Lila"

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@dcoldren You getting in on this next year?

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Wooo hooo!!! I'm already excited. :)

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