Happy New Year! Time for IDing all our 2018 Observations

Happy new year Illinois plant enthusiasts! Can you lend a hand?

Help identify our 2018 plant observations at this link!

I'll plan on another post with the "final" results at the end of this month (January 2019). I'll also be presenting at the Wild Things Conference this year--a little intro to iNaturalist presentation as well as a poster with the results from our Botanists Big Years. See you there!

Below are links to what we as a group found in 2018 compared to what was documented on iNaturalist before 2018. Check the "in 2018" column for unlikely species to help with quality control.

The lists in the links below will update automatically as people continue adding observations throughout the year. iNaturalist's compare tool limits us to check 500 taxa at a time, so these are broken into several chunks.

Non-flowering plants
Monocots excluding Poales
Poales (grasses, sedges, rushes, & friends)
Plants in Asterales (sunflower family and friends)
Plants in Fabales (pea family and friends)
Plants in Lamiales (mint family and friends)
Plants in Rosales (rose family and friends)
Plants in Brassicales (mustard family and friends)
Plants in Ranunculales (buttercup family and friends)
Plants in Caryophyllales (pink family and friends)
All other (eu)dicots except the groups above


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Oh! and here's the link to follow along with the new project:
Illinois Botanists Big Year 2019

24 species already!

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At the time of this comment, there are 23,502 observations waiting to be IDed/confirmed on the Identify page. I wonder how low we can get that before the end of the month??

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