Bibionidae - genera

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Please share thoughts, criticisms, errors, suggestions, positive feedback, and other comments! This document is still being edited, and I'd like to make it as useful as possible.

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發佈由 edanko 大約 5 年 前

@edanko What a fantastic resource! Thank you for tagging me so that I can bookmark this and use it for future identifications. (My identifications are mostly confined to South Korea but the link you've provided might be what I need to expand my reach a little further.)

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Nice, thanks!

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Thank You very much! Should be useful when time comes)
Plecia now here strightly in Bibionidae without intermediate levels. Maybe make Pleciinae at least?

發佈由 entomokot 大約 5 年 前

Excellent, thank you very much!

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@entomokot I'm confused what you are asking. The subfamily Pleciinae includes the genera Plecia and Penthetria, which are both included. Do you think it would help to diagnose these two genera together, versus all other Bibionid genera?

發佈由 edanko 大約 5 年 前

I don’t know the exact answer, but I would like to distinguish out "pleciin" without calling them Plecia, since someday they will probably be considered more detailed.
And as long as they are not a separate family - I like that, it will also not require more revisions if primary family ID will turn out to be wrong, and changing labels on boxes in museums. Macrosystem relative to neighbour taxa

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