Identifying Moths for Beginners

As part of my July 21st Deep Dive demonstration on Identifying Moths for the Blackland Prairie Master Naturalists I am referencing several websites that are helpful for beginners wanting to learn how to identify moths. These are listed here without explanation, so if you didn't attend the demonstration and can't make sense of something on the list, feel free to PM me.


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Moth Photographers Group

Plate Series>Try Walking Through the Moth Families
Select Family (Fast)>View By Region>Texas


Silhouette Key to Major Moth Families:

Discover Life ID Guides

Use wing shapes, colors, resting position, etc to narrow down IDs with photos.

Curved Horn Moths (Superfamily Gelechioidea)

Moth Wing Features

by Ian Toal

Peterson Field Guide to Moths of Southeastern North America

by Seabrooke Leckie and David Beadle
Amazon $28

Most Common Moth Families

Noctuidae: Cutworm Moths
Erebidae: Underwing, Tiger, Tussock Moths
Crambidae: Crambid Snout Moths
Geometridae: Geometer Moths
Sphingidae: Sphinx Moths
Tortricidae: Tortricid Leafroller Moths
Pyralidae: Pyralid Snout Moths
Gelechiidae: Twirler Moths
Saturniidae: Emperor, Royal, Moon, and Giant Silk Moths
Gracillariidae: Leaf Blotch Miner Moths

National Moth Week

July 23-31, 2022

Public Gatherings:
July 23 - Spring Creek Forest, Garland
July 24 - Acton Nature Center, Granbury
July 25 – River Legacy, Arlington
July 29 - John Bunker Sands, Seagoville ($)
July 30 - Connemara Preserve

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