JULY 2023 - Rouge National Urban Park, sighting of the month - Pied-billed Grebe

The Pied-billed Grebe, One of three Grebes that breed in Ontario. Usually found in quieter marshes , bays, small ponds and even sewage lagoons. The Grebe patrols these still waters in search for its varied diet of crustaceans, small fish, frogs and insects.
Able to control their buoyancy by trapping and releasing air between their feathers, Grebes sometimes swim about stealthily with only their head above the water resembling a submarine with periscope in the up position.

This months sighting by @gary-james .Sporting his namesake pied-billed (having two or more colours) beak this Grebe paddles quietly along the calm pond waters.
Click on photo to see full observation details including when and where in the park this bird was seen.

Podilymbus podiceps , photo credit @gary-james

Please check back for next months sighting!
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thank you. Gary

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