Beginner to advanced training with iNat Curator Thomas Mesaglio (6 sessions)

Always more to learn from our Aussie expert...
'More shortcuts and tips for identifying on iNaturalist'
Access Passcode: L@rXGM3B

'More about iNaturalist - Annotations, adding additional metadata, shortcuts to URL editing, adding and finding hidden coordinates, adding new species to database, finding graphs for peak growth periods of plants, embedding photos in comments'

'A beginner's guide to using iNaturalist'

Celebrate 10 years of Citizen Science on South Coast (Libby Hepburn) + iNaturalist training (Thomas Mesaglio) (starts at 21 minutes)

'Intermediate iNaturalist user workshop'

'iNaturalist Q&A with the beachcomber'

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And here's the latest session ACSA QLD Presents: Nature Exploration using iNaturalist with Thomas Mesaglio

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