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Exploring the Forest Floor: Fungi, Ferns & Fuligo - Sun 21 April, 1.30pm

Sunday 21 April, 1.30pm - 3.30pm
Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Garden
Walk & Lab Session

Turn your eyes downward and experience the magic of the forest floor at the Botanic Garden. Top iNaturalist fungi identifier Sofia Zvolanek is coming to help with ID - read more about Sofia here: https://www.inaturalist.org/blog/90024-identifier-profile-sofiazed1

Reserve your spot now:

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Threatened Species Symposium at Bundanoon

The Shoalhaven Threatened Species Symposium that is occurring at the Bundanon Trust next Thursday 21 March.

Tickets are limited, but it is sure to be a wonderful day with shared knowledge from many local experts within specialised fields about the conservation of threatened species and ecological communities within the Shoalhaven region.

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Linnean Society Symposium - Batemans Bay, September 17th-19th

The Linnean Society of NSW is hosting a special symposium on the Natural History of the NSW South Coast - Batemans Bay, 17th-19th September. This is a great opportunity to both learn and promote the natural values of the South Coast. Submit an abstract for presentation, or register to attend:

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Fern ID Walk with Kevin Mills - North Nowra

Join us for a walk in the beautiful Grotto at North Nowra with botanist and NSW fern expert Dr Kevin Mills. 17 March, 8.30am.


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South Coast Islands Book re-released

The first printing sold out - but it has been reprinted and now available through Envirobook.

Get your copy before its too late!

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BCAL kicks over 100k observations!

Last Tuesday BCAL kicked over 100k observations! This remarkable effort is the sum of many with 4000+ contributors - ranging from casual observers, amateur naturalists and professional scientists. And the data is being used more than ever.


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Only 500 hundred obs to major milestone!

We have nearly reached 100,000 observations for the Budawang Coast - a tremendous effort for the New Year.

Check out our stats here:

The award for the most humourous observation goes to Dion Maple :

Send in your award nominations to budwangcoast@gmail.com - all categories accepted!

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Where have all the Christmas Beetles Gone?

Take a break from Christmas pudding and join the Christmas Beetle Count. Just log your observations on iNaturalist, and they will automatically be part of the Count. This important work is helping to determine which Christmas beetle species are likely to be at risk of decline or extinction. And maybe it will also be our 100,000observation - nearly 98,000 so far!

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Burrawangs besieged - new insect pests are causing damage

New insect pests are having a significant impact on burrawangs - iNaturalist is helping to document the spread of a newly descibed leaf scale, and a stem borer that has was first observed in 2019.

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Weedscan - a new app for indentifying weeds in Australia

Australia’s first AI weed identification and management app allows users to identify, report and map priority weeds simply by uploading a photo of the suspected weed.


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