South East Environment Spring 2022 newsletter

Since last newsletter, over 10,000 trees planted to restore Milton Ulladulla subtropical rainforest
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Some of the stories ...
Healthy Country for Glossy Black Cockatoos Project - this new project has been launched to help protect Glossy Black cockatoos. These birds are significant for Aboriginal people on the south coast because of the many stories attached to the bird. An Aboriginal advisory panel is working hard to find ways to protect the Glossies using culture as a guide.

Smoky Mice allowed to run free - 13 captive-bred critically endangered smoky mice have been released into the wild in the South East Forest National Park. This is a world first release for the species. Link to video

New iNat project in our region to protect tree hollows and significant habitat trees in our region. Join the project

Stream south east webinar series online - if you missed out on watching the series live you can now watch it at your leisure

A stinky search for the Long-footed potoroo - Searching for scats is all in a day's work for our ecologist Dr Joss Bentley. But what she is doing with them in this latest project is ground-breaking. A new technique looking at the DNA of predator poo, is being trialled by Joss and her team on the far south coast to find the elusive long-footed potoroo. They are hoping to find its DNA in predator scats, and confirm the species still exists in NSW.

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