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@loarie Could you please explain the reason for this taxon swap?
According to the New Zealand Plant Names database, the preferred name in New Zealand is Leucopogon fraseri

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iNat folllows Plants of the World Online for vascular plant taxonomy. Many individual Leucopogon species (not this one) had been flagged, some for over a year with requests to bring this clade in line with POWO, there were no comments on any of those flags during that time objecting to these requests, and there were no flags requesting we deviate from POWO.

But in general, please contact POWO to work directly with them on taxonomy. They release weekly updates of POWO and are very responsive to inquires with suggestions or feedback.

If you want to be proactive, please keep an eye on 'relationship unknown' vascular plant taxa here (e.g. filtered by Ericaceae). These are all not in POWO and Curators have marching order to curate these in the direction of POWO (as I did today for several Leucopogon -> Styphelia) in the absence of flags or deviations. So please proactively flag any taxa and explain that you are reaching out to POWO to discuss and request curators to hold off any efforts to curate in the direction of POWO for those taxa.

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I'm not a taxonomist so am not really qualified to decide which scientific name is correct for pātōtara (or the other 5 Leucopogon species in NZ) but am wondering if @leonperrie and @pjd1 have an opinion on this? It looks like 3 of the NZ species have been retained in Leucopogon on iNat.

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Please contact POWO for taxonomic matters, they're very responsive and are focused on developing global taxonomy for vascular plants with strong regional buy in. I'm sure there's lots of opportunities to work with them to build bridges between POWO and the New Zealand Plant Names database

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@melissa_hutchison POWO is the standard used for iNaturalist that's all. If New Zealand Plant Names Database (or its new equivalent doesn't use Styphelia (and this decision of POWO is not new either - look at the last Nomina Nova in the New Zealand Journal of Botany (1987) and you will see what I mean) so what? There are no rules that say you must use Styphelia over Leucopogon. Those running POWO have made a decision that makes sense to them and good on them. I am not losing any sleep over it.

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