Want to explore Palo Duro Canyon starting Thursday, June 14?

@annikaml, @briang, @tadamcochran and I were talking tonight about going to the Palo Duro Canyon next weekend, and want to include others in the conversation. I expect to arrive sometime on Thursday, June 14, and explore that evening and Friday morning, but everything is just in the brainstorming phase right now, including the exact location. Of course, anyone can come and go as they wish.
I would love to hear ideas about good exploring, mothing, or camping from folks who are more familiar than I am with the area. Please chime in with your ideas and tag others who might be interested.

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I am sorry about the late notice, but the idea just came up this morning.

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@amzapp and @ellen5 may want too join too, and probably have some good input since Palo Duro Canyon is basically their backyard.

發佈由 annikaml 約 6 年 前

I love Palo Duro Canyon but we just moved to western Colorado about six weeks ago so not really able to join in. Look forward to seeing what you all see there.

發佈由 taogirl 約 6 年 前

@annikaml @tadamcochran Is Christine's bday off? That's next weekend, right? I was still trying to make it work.

發佈由 kimberlietx 約 6 年 前

Haven't been to Palo Duro in a few years as i tend toward Caprock Canyons. I'd like to join in if i can figure out a plan that's agreeable to my cranky old dog. Maybe i can join you for an evening camp/morning hike sort of thing, or else a day trip on my own. Thinking...
How long will you stay up there?
As to mothing, you definitely want @amzapp on your team. She is a wizard with those, and all-around superb naturalist

發佈由 ellen5 約 6 年 前

I also want to tag in some of our Lbk area Master Naturalists who are iNatting: @matttex26, @kayakqueen, @thebark , @paleocoot .
@ogleroy80 is an avid moth-er as well
And if he's willing to make the trip, @nathantaylor7583

發佈由 ellen5 約 6 年 前

you guys have fun. I have spent lots of time in Palo Duro Canyon, but can't make it right now.

發佈由 greglasley 約 6 年 前

Can’t make it but thanks for thinking of me!

發佈由 mikaelb 約 6 年 前

Thanks very much for this invite! Unlikely that I can come. I hate missing these opportunities though. I see Armstrong county has a serious deficit of odonata observations on OC and iNat. I would love to take part in the mothing as well. I will check with my family.

發佈由 mikef451 約 6 年 前

@kimberlietx Thanks for reminding me of the B-day mothing on June 16, I'm still planning to do that but my new carefree lifestyle made me forget the date. I may still drive up to Palo Duro, but will have to make the visit shorter then.

發佈由 annikaml 約 6 年 前

Can't make it right now, but thanks so much for the invite. Keep me in mind if you plan any future trips. I'd love to explore.

發佈由 lauramorganclark 約 6 年 前

Great idea! I'd love to participate and have never been there, but have something going on then. look forward to future events though..

發佈由 atassin 約 6 年 前

Like a bunch of others, I'm not free for a big trip right now, but I never mind hearing about things that are happening; I never know when I might happen to be available! Have fun!

發佈由 jennformatics 約 6 年 前

I am very familiar with the canyon and have spent a lot of my free time hiking and studying plants there. It would be a great place to explore, but it would be slim pickin's for plants and ultimately butterflies and moths.. Anyway, i am game for at least Thursday night, maybe Friday morning if i can get away from work. It would be great to meet some of the people whose names I see on inaturalist all the time!
As far as camping goes, they book up pretty fast and if you don't have a reservation yet, you might not get one. There is an RV park right outside the park where the zip line is. Not sure about tent camping there though. Lake Meredith has received more rain, is greener with more plants, no burn ban and you can put up a tent just about anywhere for free. Might be an option if you are here all weekend.
Thanks for including me in your invite!

發佈由 jotol 約 6 年 前

I really wish I could, but I already have plans for the 14th and won't be able to make it. I look forward to seeing the observations, though.

發佈由 nathantaylor 約 6 年 前

Thanks for the notice, but cannot make it that weekend. :-(
You all have a grand time!

發佈由 connlindajo 約 6 年 前

Thanks for the invite, but I've got an earlier commitment to moth night on the 16th. @kimberlietx , @annikaml , @brentano I hope you all are still going to be in Waxahachie, too!

發佈由 cgritz 約 6 年 前

Want to, yes. Sadly, we can't. :-( Have fun!

發佈由 beschwar 約 6 年 前

Ooooooh. Won't work for me this time, but I'd love another Texas iNat Get Together sometime this summer. Hope you see some GREAT STUFF while you're there!

發佈由 nanofishology 約 6 年 前

This sounds like a wonderful trip! I'm stuck in Lubbock during that time period, but I look forward to seeing what all you turn up.

發佈由 amzapp 約 6 年 前

It's wicked hot in the canyon in the summer (more so than almost anywhere I've been in Texas) and feels about 10 deg. hotter than the adjacent upland prairies. Bring lots of Gatorade or other hydrating drinks.

發佈由 eric_keith 約 6 年 前

@berniceblasingame You might be interested in this

發佈由 jotol 約 6 年 前

Unfortunately, much of the Panhandle is currently suffering Exceptional Drought (including Armstrong, Potter and Randall Cos. where Palo Duro is located.
So beyond the comments by @eric_keith regarding Palo Duro in a normal summer, this may be a dangerously hot and dry summer there. Just be aware. I have spent a lot of time in Palo Duro Canyon birding as well as looking for bugs...I love the place, but this may be a tough year, but you may find some great things...who knows.

發佈由 greglasley 約 6 年 前

well yeah. It is in Texas.
Seen bad years, i wouldn't say this is one of them. Been keeping me awful busy

發佈由 ellen5 約 6 年 前

@greglasley is correct. Most of the rains have fell south of there recently. But the idea of a late afternoon and next morning jaunt may mitigate the worst of the heat. I may be able to make this work, with the added bonus of maybe hitting Matador WMA, just south of Childress, Friday evening and maybe Saturday morning on the way back to DFW. I haven't roamed there since early December, plus they've had some decent rains as of late.

發佈由 oddfitz 約 6 年 前

Please keep me included in future notifications for this very dedicated iNaturalist groupl I really need and want to be a part of the next excursion to investigate another area of Texas.

發佈由 connlindajo 約 6 年 前

I'm not able to get away on these dates. I love that part of Texas. Thanks for running this up the flagpole, Charlie. I hope you enjoy your

發佈由 tadamcochran 約 6 年 前

My number one suggestion for next iNat geek gathering is this part of Texas. But can't make it work right now. Bummer....

發佈由 brentano 約 6 年 前

I'm afraid I'm going to pass on this one. As exciting as it sounds it is just the wrong time of year. Hope you all have a great and safe trip. Can't wait to see the 'stuff'.

發佈由 mchlfx 約 6 年 前

Re: camping:
The overflow campground doesn't have facilities, and is therefore beautifully dark and quiet at night. I think i actually prefer it --just stars and coyotes.

發佈由 ellen5 約 6 年 前

I will be on vacation. So sorry thank you for the invite !

發佈由 ogleroy80 約 6 年 前

I have to skip this too, something came up that time period that I can't get out from. Have fun up there!

發佈由 annikaml 約 6 年 前

@ellen5 Where is the overflow campground you mention? It sounds lovely. As of this afternoon (Friday) there are still places available for Cactus primitive campground at Palo Duro. I am also open to Lake Meredith if most folks think that would be more productive or comfortable.

發佈由 cameralenswrangler 約 6 年 前

OH man, excuse, i was thinking of the wrong canyon! Don't listen to me.

發佈由 ellen5 約 6 年 前
發佈由 ellen5 約 6 年 前

I might be able to make it. A coworker and I have been discussing a camping trip to Palo Duro sometime this summer but we haven't set any date.

發佈由 jbroadhead 約 6 年 前


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