Melanie Schuchart

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Blackland Prairie Master Naturalist with an interest in Butterflies, native plants, insects and all things in nature.

While my education and career is in Information Systems, I've always found myself drawn to nature. I'm a volunteer at the Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary where I spend most of my time in their Outdoor Native Butterfly house and Butterfly gardens. I am also a Trail Guide at the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center and volunteer at the Texas Discovery Gardens during the State Fair each year.

My passion is with butterflies and I want to learn more about the moths. I've also expanded to insects now especially the bees & wasps and true bugs. I look forward to providing identifications to those in the DFW area as well as sharing my knowledge with others.

I currently do several presentations a year for the Heard and various groups on butterflies and pollinators and am looking to expands to other insects.

I'm interested in meet-up with others interested in insects so let me know.

Insect guides to use: