Pyrgotidae of the United States and Canada

Hi everyone! I hope this guide can be of use to folks on iNaturalist.

Please share thoughts, criticisms, errors, suggestions, positive feedback, and other comments! More are in development, so everything helps...

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All positive feedback from me -- AWESOME job, Even.
@pfau_tarleton @wildcarrot @hydaticus

發佈由 sambiology 超過 4 年 前

Looks great. I usually don't ID these past family. This will help me to dig a little deeper.

發佈由 treegrow 超過 4 年 前

Really useful! Thank you for your work on this great resource.

發佈由 christine123 超過 4 年 前

Thanks for creating this identification guide!

發佈由 friel 超過 4 年 前

This looks really good! I'll check in the Cornell collection to see if that head-pattern character holds true, I've never noticed it between Boreothrinax and Sphecomyiella!

發佈由 spencerpote 超過 4 年 前

Excellent job! I look forward to putting it to use.

發佈由 kwolgemuth 超過 4 年 前

It will be useful (and easier to find) to have a link to your Google Drive guide on the "About" page for the Pyrgotidae family, under "More Info":

發佈由 gcwarbler 超過 4 年 前

Fantastic! Thanks!

發佈由 allenratzlaff 超過 4 年 前

Great! I'm bookmarking it for future reference! Thanks Even!

發佈由 kimberlietx 超過 4 年 前

Excellent resource, thanks for posting this!

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