Bill Schur

加入於:2017 2 月 16 最近活躍:2024 7 月 12 iNaturalist

Retired attorney. Amateur photographer and naturalist. Interested in virtually all natural phenomena since early childhood. Most of my iNaturalist activity has been at or very close to my home. I am continually on the lookout for plants or animals in my yard, in the wooded area behind my yard, and along portions of the Trinity Trail I access by foot or bicycle. I also explore areas in Northwest Wisconsin in an area I have identified as the Chequamegon Bay area. (See project Chequamegon Bay Area.) In general, I am more adept at photographing than identifying plants and and animals. I am interested in identifying, preserving, and improving natural areas within Tarrant County - e.g., by removing invasives and getting landowners such as the City of Fort Worth and the Tarrant Regional Water District to authorize conservation activities on available land.