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I like pretty tings, tiny tings, and life (and @izi_izi)

I've always been interested in bio but it was a sort of "I love nature" afterthought. In I believe 2018 I used it at a nature reserve in a part of a group and it was cool but admittedly I forgot about it. Additionally, I had no clue the entire micro world existed or even ciliates (schools make single celled organisms so boring 😭). Over the years I got more into specific biology, especially plants, but never very in depth. Once I met Izzy, she showed me microscopy and microbiology. I was immediately so fascinated and knew I had to do that for myself. After hours of watching her do it and FaceTiming with her phone on her scope and me researching what she was seeing, I got my own microscope! Unfortunately as of right now my better microscope is not working so I haven't made any observations in a while but have some other things I can make observations of in interim. I am not very well versed in any one topic but love learning and knowing about as much as I can!