Collin Porter

加入於:2022 4 月 06 最近活躍:2024 3 月 03 iNaturalist

Student focusing on research in local environments, urban ecology, mapping, and related conservation. Birder and photographer in my free time, especially interested in making the most of unique natural sites around NE IL (plus neighboring regions) as well as examining interactions between people and land in more urban spaces.

Originally from north-central Pennsylvania, I’ve held a deep interest in local wildlife for my entire life. Being in the Chicago area has reignited a lot of this passion through accessible community science platforms like iNat and eBird, providing connections with community members and simplified reporting.

Volunteer reporting in community science is of special interest to me and my academic goals, seeing as it contributes to tracking biodiversity like never before possible. Past work has involved mapping state-endangered plant species ranges and examining reporting biases within the Chicago region. Currently working on bird collision mapping and linking to spatial contexts. Hoping to pursue mapping for breeding birds or terrestrial species in more remote regions post-graduation.