Vlad Nevirkovets

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I started out as a birder when I was about 13, fascinated by a Caspian Tern not included in a very basic bird guide and trying to figure out what it was. Later, I shifted focus towards botany and natural history, and today my goal is to be able to identify all vascular plant species found in the Chicago Region. Recently I have been working on improving my skills with the Cyperaceae and Poaceae. Violets are another somewhat obscure group which I have some experience with. I am a master's student in Northwestern's Plant Biology and Conservation program. I use iNat to take notes as I am learning plant ID terminology, so sometimes my descriptions and use of terminology may be inaccurate. Please don't hesitate to correct me.
eBird: https://ebird.org/profile/MTE0NzYyOQ/US-IL