Erick Munro

加入於:2019 5 月 29 最近活躍:2024 2 月 24 iNaturalist

Currently registered under Botanical and Conservation Science with SACNASP. I am a qualified conservationist, graduated 29/04/2021 having completed the NDip Nature Conservation course at NMU and graduated again 07/04/22 having completed the Adv Dip (B-Tech Degree) in Nature Conservation. Proud product of Nelson Mandela University, Saasveld. A very ordinary 25 year old that loves the outdoors and a keen learner, hiker, bundu-basher. A very proud member of Outramps CREW in George.

I am a generalist who loves to learn as much as possible. I have a particular interest in the Thymelaeaceae Family.

In honour of my mother 09/08/71 - 19/02/22