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I do not ID Nematoda or Psocodea despite the leaderboard - just one or two species

Originally from Fairfield Co., CT., I am a first year masters student in Entomology under Dr. Gareth Powell at NC State Univ. I did my undergrad at the Univ of Delaware as an Entomology & Wildlife dual major. My main focus lies in (Nearctic/Northeastern) Cerambycids, with the goal of eventually learning them worldwide, but I still have a lot to learn. Please do not assume any IDs I make are 100% correct (if at all) - there are many others who are way more knowledgeable than I am, and I can only aspire to be that knowledgeable as I gain more experience. I will be less active on iNaturalist until I learn more fauna - I am currently/only knowledgeable in eastern Nearctic Cerambycidae, primarily Lamiinae. When I make mistakes, please message/@ me if I haven't retracted/corrected it, though I do check for my Maverick IDs every so often. Big fan of Tetraopes spp. - almost to a detriment.

Other interests include: cooking, martial arts, a cappella music, beatboxing, etc

Current Focus

  • Going through Linsley/Chemsak Cerambycidae of NA
  • Creating a website with updated (though unofficial) illustrated keys to Nearctic species from tribe as I continue to learn and am always looking for donations.


  • Currently curate Cerambycidae in NCSU's collection
  • Previously curated Cerambycidae in UD's collection (@udel-hoppers) under Dr. Charles Bartlett (@delphax)
  • Extensive work in the biosurveillance and biocontrol of Emerald Ash Borer under Dr. Jian Duan and Dr. Claire Rutledge
  • Entomological Society of America

Useful Cerambycid Links
Old Cerambycid Catalog by Dr. Larry G. Bezark
New Cerambycid Catalog by Dr. Larry G. Bezark
Cerambycoidea Gallery by @vitalfranz
Cerambycidae: Lamiinae Catalog by Jean-Philippe Roguet

Other Useful People
@ vitalfranz, @ chickenparmesan24, @ ianswift - Cerambycids Worldwide
@ fubr, @ beetledude - Cerambycids in South Africa
@ franciscoacos - Cerambycids in México
@ touroult, @ jzavalab, @ enricotosto96 - Cerambycids in South America
@ jacek_kurzawa - Cerambycids of Palearktic & Oriental regions
@ norose - Cerambycids of Asia
@ alex_cicindela_guy - Cerambycidae: Prioninae

Big thanks to @nomolosx and @nathaniellev for advising my macrophotography setup and for being my good friends

All pictures are free to use (non-commericially) with attribution. All I ask is to be made aware of what pictures and the end product.

It is my intention for this and associated accounts to remain on iNaturalist permanently.

Species I've IDed