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I do not ID Nematoda or Psocodea, despite the leaderboard - just one or two species

I speak English fluently and know some Spanish. I am a senior Entomology & Wildlife dual major at the University of Delaware. My main focus lies in (Northeastern) Cerambycids, with the goal of eventually learning them worldwide, but I still have a lot to learn. Please do not assume any IDs I make are 100% correct (if at all) - there are many others who are way more knowledgeable than I am, and I can only aspire to be that knowledgeable as I gain more experience. When I make mistakes, please message/@ me if I haven't retracted/corrected it, though I do check for my Maverick IDs every so often. Big fan of Tetraopes spp. - almost to a detriment.

Other interests include: cooking, martial arts, a cappella music, beatboxing, etc

Current Focus

  • Deep diving into NA Lepturini


  • President of UD's Beekeeping Club - Please contact me through this page for outreach inquiries
  • Contribute, curate, and digitize Cerambycidae in the University of Delaware collection (@udel-hoppers) under Dr. Charles Bartlett
  • Entomological Society of America

Useful Cerambycid Links
Old Cerambycid Catalog by Dr. Larry G. Bezark
New Cerambycid Catalog by Dr. Larry G. Bezark
Cerambycoidea Gallery by @vitalfranz
Cerambycidae: Lamiinae Catalog by Jean-Philippe Roguet

Useful (More Knowledgeable) People
@ vitalfranz, @ catenatus (RIP), @ chickenparmesan24, @ ianswift, @ touroult - Cerambycids Worldwide
@ fubr, @ beetledude - Cerambycids in South Africa
@ franciscoacos - Cerambycids in México
@ touroult, @ jzavalab, @ enricotosto96 - Cerambycids in South America
@ jacek_kurzawa - Cerambycids of Palearktic & Oriental regions
@ norose - Cerambycids of Asia
@ alex_cicindela_guy - Cerambycidae: Prioninae

Big thanks to @nomolosx and @nathaniellev for inspiring me to be an absolute unit of a nerd, for advising my macrophotography setup, and for being my good friends

Please let me know if you would like to use my pictures.

Species I've IDed

To ID (Western Hemisphere) link
To ID (Worldwide) link