Micah Grove

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Howdy, fellow naturalists!

My name is Micah, from eastern Washington. I'm mainly a birder but have expanded my interests to fungi in late 2021. My initial draw to the natural world was when I eight or nine and started to catch garter snakes over in central MT. A few years later as I started using my family's Nikon D-90 I ended up taking photos of birds and got interested in bird identification. Shortly thereafter, @jegrove, my brother introduced me to eBird. That was the catalyst that triggered my love for bird listing, which over time has turned into a passion for birds as a whole. I also love fly fishing and tying my own flies. Going to Spokane Falls Community College studying biology.

Feel free to tag me in any observation and if that doesn't work don't be afraid to message me, also if you want to chat that would be awesome too.

John 14:6
1 Corinthians 9:24-27
"How neat is that... that's pretty neat"

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