Alex Karasoulos 策展人

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Amateur herpetologist and mycologist based in Massachusetts but I frequently visit neighboring states. I especially adore Salamanders, True Sedges (Carex), Russula mushrooms, Alpine/Arctic habitats, and Bogs/Fens. Currently knowledgeable on Salamanders of Eastern North America, Mushrooms of Northeastern North America, Plants of MA, and Beetles/Insects of New England. Things that I'm trying to learn more about include Central American Salamanders, Freshwater Sponges, Flies, Gilled Mushrooms, Mosses, Willows, and Goldenrods. If I'm wrong on any of my ID's correct me please, and tag me whenever. If you ever need you can contact me message me through iNaturalist or at

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Projects I curate:
Salamander Larvae & Egg Photos
Erythristic Red-backed Salamanders
Organisms of North American Rivers
Invasive Species of New England
Aberrant Salamanders
Unisexual Mole Salamander Complex

Past and Current Lifers:
Lifers I found in 2021
Lifers I found in 2022
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Lifers I found in 2024

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