Adriano Tsinigine

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Yá'át'ééh (Greetings)!

I am a Navajo Ethnobotanist from the Four Corners and the Colorado Plateau. I am familiar with the San Juan Basin and the diverse flora across the Navajo Nation in the Western Agency.

I am a Biologist for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service out of the BLM-Farmington Field Office managing the Federally protected plant species in NW New Mexico. The Clover's Cactus, Knowlton's Cactus, Mancos Milk-vetch, Navajo Bladderpod, & Western Bumblebee are the species I manage for the NM Ecological Services Field Office. Other species are Aztec Gilia, Mesa Verde Cactus & Zuni Fleabane.

'Ahéhee' (Thank you)!