April 2019 Update of the ILBBY

This weenie Androsace occidentalis taken by @vvoelker in Peoria County was chosen as iNat's Observation of the Day last week:


It's April 18th and the ILBBY 2019's got:

355 observers (+281)
4087 research grade observations of plants (+3130)
548 species (+225)
236 identifiers (+138)

There are eight naturalists who have observed over 100 species: @wildlandblogger @johnhboldt @missgreen @dziomber @sanguinaria33 @kkucera @bouteloua and @skrentnyjeff. @wildlandblogger is on a mission, with over 1000 research grade plant observations in Illinois (315 species) in less than 4 months.

Cute Plant Pics

Our most-observed species have swapped from easy/common winter trees to easy/common spring wildflowers: spring beauty (Claytonia virginica), bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis), prairie trillium (Trillium recurvatum), and Dutchman's breeches (Dicentra cucullaria).

Just some lovely spring beauties by @janeogilvie in Lake County:

A pretty bloodroot with friend by @mjadams in Woodford County:

Check out these crazy super-leaved trilliums observed by @raspberrybee in Kane County:

City Nature Challenge 2019

Folks in northeast Illinois, get ready for the City Nature Challenge next weekend (April 26th through 29th).
Ways to participate: join the project, find an event near you, go iNatting, and/or help identify the flood of observations that come in.

Help Identify

As always, please help your fellow botanists, when yr able, to identify/confirm their observations.

New to Illinois on iNat

And keep an eye on these links for any new documentations in 2019.
I commented on a few that folks like @psweet @wildlandblogger @paulroots and others may have found!
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LOVE @raspberrybee's phyllody-affected T. recurvatum. So weird, so gorg.

發佈由 vvoelker 約 5 年 前

Lots of exciting firsts for iNat in Illinois!

發佈由 missgreen 約 5 年 前

There is also a St. Louis Metro City Nature Challenge which captures Southwestern Illinois!

發佈由 mvandevord 約 5 年 前

Ooh, that's a decent chunk of southern Illinois. Thanks for the tip!!

發佈由 bouteloua 約 5 年 前


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