Being an iNaturalist Curator - Discord Chat tomorrow, April 11th at 6PM CDT

Being an iNaturalist Curator

Saturday, April 11th at 6PM Central Daylight Time (see in your local timezone)

We'll have a group chat, with @bouteloua screensharing / presenting, about what it's like to be a curator and what some of the common tasks are. If you're already a curator, feel free to join in and add your perspective!

-What is an iNaturalist Curator?
-What do they do?
-How do taxon changes work?
-Does iNat need more Curators?
-How do I become one?

To attend, join the iNaturalist Discord server:
-Under Voice Channels, join the General channel a little before 6PM CDT.
-Once it starts, hit "join stream".
-Be sure to mute yourself when not talking. :)

Please reach out with any questions (at any time, now and in the future). To submit questions to be answered during the chat tomorrow, you can add them here. :)

由使用者 bouteloua bouteloua2020年04月10日 21:43 所貼文


Ooooo! I want to be there! I haven't done much discord before, but I'm actually going to try. :) Marking my calendar!!!

發佈由 sambiology 約 4 年 前

looking forward to it!

發佈由 tiwane 約 4 年 前

I never used discord before, how hard it can be?

發佈由 aztekium 約 4 年 前

It was really beneficial -- thanks for doing this, cassi!

發佈由 sambiology 約 4 年 前

thanks for coming :)

發佈由 bouteloua 約 4 年 前

Great job, @bouteloua, thank you so much!

發佈由 tiwane 約 4 年 前

OH, man! I didn't see the notification until after it was over.

發佈由 lonniemiller 約 4 年 前

If there's interest I'd be happy to do another one sometime!

發佈由 bouteloua 約 4 年 前

I think we will need something similar for the whole Latin America community, I tried to keep up with most of the screen sharing but I missed a lot, I hope some friends from Argentina (@roget ) and @mich_croc at Costa Rica, certainly you have much more experience on what is need to be done as a curator and we need all experience.

Thank you for your kind help on this.



發佈由 aztekium 約 4 年 前

I was also in the presentation, in the beginning it was OK but I also had trouble with the shared screen. But I agree with @aztekium who invited me, it was very useful. It is a pity it was not recorded, I would like to see it again.

Do you know if there's a way curators from a specific node (in my case, Argentina) can filter or have priority for issues related to their country?

發佈由 carancho 約 4 年 前

Thank you for sharing your experience with us @bouteloua. I also had some problems following the presentation. If you are doing another one, let us know, I´ll be happy to learn more, and then, @aztekium can give a similar talk in Spanish for the Latam community (ya lo embarqué!)

發佈由 mich_croc 約 4 年 前

For folks who had issues with viewing the stream, were you accessing it through a web browser (and if so, which browser?), through the downloaded software, or on a phone?

發佈由 bouteloua 約 4 年 前

I was using Firefox and did not see "Live" next to bouteloua's name so I couldn't see the screenshare. Had to use Chrome, alas.

發佈由 tiwane 約 4 年 前

Yes Cassie, I was at first at Chrome, it never worked, my last option was to download the app and it worked, but it was at the end already.

And yes, Michelle, I would love to help as much as I can with you amigos.


發佈由 aztekium 約 4 年 前


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