Off to Indonesia

I'm about to head off to Indonesia again, this time to the far eastern part. A few days on land near Sorong, on the north-west corner of New Guinea, where I hope to find birds-of-paradise and birdwing butterflies. Then on a boat for ten days of diving in Raja Ampat. I have my fingers crossed that I don't have any camera issues. I have a good chance of getting 50-100 new reef fishes (this is one of the most diverse coral reef habitats on earth) and coming back with several thousand photos.

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Good luck, maractwin. I look forward to seeing what you find out there!

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Awesome! Have fun!

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I cannot wait to see these observations. :)

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Have fun!

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Great trip, sure you will do many and interesting observations.

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Awesome! Hope you get some great observations!

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