First gang-gang chick emerges

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30 Nov gang-gang project post...
Thank you to all 51 of you that have contributed Gang-gang hollow activity images to this project. We have our first sighting of a chick by Katie O'Connor in Campbelltown.
Well done Katie. The white bill is a good indicator of a young bird. We are not sure how long the greying process takes but it is at least weeks and probably months. Sometimes there is confusion when youngish looking birds are reported as new chicks. The presence of a white bill or not is a good way to cross-check such claims.
Given Katie's great observation it would be good for all to check the hollows they are watching over the next few days. However we have 12 identified active nests in the Canberra area and some of those have only just laid eggs and chicks won't appear till towards the end of January and our earliest is expected around Christmas. Thanks again and particularly to Katie and the Campbelltown crew.

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