ePetition to "End Public Native Forest Logging" (NSW)

Hi forest loving friends

Can you believe It? We are still logging the Greater Glider's habitat even though it has slid from vulnerable to endangered just in May this year along with koalas, gang gangs and so many other native animals.

If you are feeling any of the eco-grief/anger/sadness etc after this week’s State of the Environment report coming out please consider this request.

Sign the ePetition calling to complete the transition out of Native forest logging (NSW residents only).

We need 20,000 signatories by August for the issue to be debated in the Legislative Assembly and we're only at 9,000.

Sign and share through your networks.
Visit: https://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/la/pages/epetition-details.aspx?q=quge-8rdRlyn4PTcuMj_PA

Nick Hopkins

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20,000 signatures so will be debated in NSW Parliament!

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The ePetition "End Public Native Forest Logging" has received a response from the NSW Government, which you can view here: https://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/la/petitions/Pages/house-papers.aspx?tab=Filter&filterHouse=LA&paperType=Petitions&browseDisabled=yes&view=Date&s=1

Select 'ePetition' from the 'Type' filter and select 'Response Received' from the 'Petition Response Status' filter, then click 'apply filter'. The list of ePetitions where a government response has been received will display. Then scroll down to locate your ePetition entry, or do a 'Find' for words in the ePetition title.

Click on the ePetition record and open the ePetition. The details page of the ePetition will display the ePetition government response record on the second row. Click on the Petition Response, which will open the government response record. The top row will contain the government response PDF.

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