Mar 13 ID Event - Flesh Flies

We're happy to announce another online meeting this week! Here are the details:

The Zoom meeting will open at 4 PM EST on Sunday the 13th.

The plan is to focus on observations of Sarcophagidae (Flesh Flies). We'll spend most of the time individually going through observations individually while discussing questions and interesting observations.

Join the Zoom Meeting here: Meeting Link

Meeting ID: 874 5687 3015

Passcode: diptera

Please leave a comment either to let us know if you're planning to come or to subscribe to be notified of future events! Questions are also welcome.

Guides to use at our meeting:

Guide to the families of Calyptratae

Notes for the Sarcophagidae of the US & Canada

What we'll be identifying:

Identify Link

The main goal of this meeting is to gain an understanding of how to recognize typical Sarcophagidae, so that identifying observations to family level and identifying other commonly confused families will become much easier.

Consider watching this video prior to joining the meeting so that you are prepared to participate:

(You can open the video in a new tab by clicking on the YouTube icon.)

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Is the day supposed to be March 13th?

發佈由 coolcrittersyt 超過 2 年 前

Haha, of course, I keep forgetting to change that! Thanks, Mikie!

發佈由 zdanko 超過 2 年 前

Yes! My Sundays are often planned last-minute so hopefully I'm free but I'm definitely interested. I remember talking to @aispinsects about how impossible flesh flies are and am curious about how things have progressed since then.

發佈由 upupa-epops 超過 2 年 前

Great! I hope to see you soon! Family ID for typical Sarcophagidae is actually rather simple, but making a diagnosis for the family that includes every single species is very difficult without using microscopic characters, it seems. Species ID is still blech... :)

發佈由 zdanko 超過 2 年 前

@zdanko Excellent! I actually meant to ask you if we could do Sarcophagids since 90% of the flies I had last week that were classified as Musca were Sarcophagidae. I did look at the Sarcophagid notes last week, but the video and going over this together are going to be very helpful. I'm looking forward to it. Thank you!

發佈由 navin_sasikumar 超過 2 年 前

Perfect, I intended this to be somewhat of a supplement!

發佈由 zdanko 超過 2 年 前

Sorry, I can't make this one. I am performing at a wedding!

發佈由 pbedell 超過 2 年 前

Ooh, sounds fun, enjoy!

發佈由 zdanko 超過 2 年 前

Important note: This meeting is at 4 pm Eastern Daylight Time, as this morning we lost an hour. Please make sure you have your clocks updated!

發佈由 zdanko 超過 2 年 前

Actually, BugGuide says New World Sarcophagidae should be impossible to ID but I digress. Genera in Sarcophaginae are not super difficult to identify but they require many microscopic characters and species almost always require looking at the genitalia, especially since accurately identified photographs are lacking. Miltogramminae are even easier to identify.
I have just started identifying on iNaturalist again, unfortunately a day too late for this event.

發佈由 aispinsects 超過 2 年 前

It's great to see you here! I'll add you to our list and will tag you on future posts.

發佈由 zdanko 超過 2 年 前


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