Mar 20 ID Event - Greater Bee Fly

We're happy to announce another online meeting this week! Here are the details:

The Zoom meeting will open at 4 PM EST on Sunday the 20th.

The plan is to focus on observations of Bombylius major (Greater Bee Fly). We'll spend most of the time individually going through observations individually while discussing questions and interesting observations.

Join the Zoom Meeting here: Meeting Link

Meeting ID: 720 9591 5620

Passcode: diptera

Please leave a comment either to let us know if you're planning to come or to subscribe to be notified of future events! Questions are also welcome.

Guides to use at our meeting:

Diagnosis for Bombylius major in the US & Canada

What we'll be identifying:

Identify Link

Consider watching this video prior to joining the meeting so that you are prepared to participate:

(You can open the video in a new tab by clicking on the YouTube icon.)

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I want to clarify that I talked to Neal Evenhuis, and he was the one who suggested the possibility of a white form of B. major. If you spot a fly that matches the images on BugGuide for B. anthophilus exactly, please let me know.

發佈由 zdanko 超過 2 年 前

@zdanko , @erikamitchell I thought we were switching to 8pm this week, no?

發佈由 emendela 超過 2 年 前

Oh, yes, I'm sorry, I didn't get a chance to discuss that yet, so we'll work on making that change next week.

Just to clarify, we're on for 4 o'clock tomorrow. If Erika can't host I can change the link, it's fine.

發佈由 zdanko 超過 2 年 前

Sorry, I won't make it today. I'll see you all next week.

發佈由 melinda_k 超過 2 年 前

@zdanko Is the guide for this not public? I had to request access.

發佈由 navin_sasikumar 超過 2 年 前

I fixed it, sorry. This week is a little chaotic, my apologies. I'll be recording the meeting for all who can't make it, so I'll reach out to some people who don't come and others please message me if you'd like the recording.

發佈由 zdanko 超過 2 年 前

I won't be able to join today, but I'd appreciate the recording!

發佈由 spellecchias 超過 2 年 前

great video
All the best

發佈由 szucsich 超過 2 年 前

@zdanko No worries. Thanks so much for doing these. They've been very helpful.

發佈由 navin_sasikumar 超過 2 年 前

Exporting the recordings now (one for each part of the meeting) and will upload them to Dropbox for distribution.

發佈由 zdanko 超過 2 年 前

Sent to a few people, let me know if anyone else would like the recording!

發佈由 zdanko 超過 2 年 前


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