ILBBY 2022 January thru March

Hepatica acutiloba (sharp-lobed hepatica) by @rarecatsnake in Randolph County

The Illinois Botanists Big Year is an annual friendly competition of the Illinois Native Plant Society to see how many species you can find in a single year in Illinois. The main goals of the project are to spark discovery in people of any age and experience, encouraging them to stop to look at plants they might have otherwise have passed by, as well as to create connections and build camaraderie among plant enthusiasts, share knowledge, and contribute to a growing database of the flora of Illinois. The year 2022 is its seventh year. So far, 75 people have joined the project.

Illinois Plants on iNat, Q1 January-March 2022 Stats - view observations

481 observers
3,625 Research Grade observations of plants - 55% by people who had joined this project
584 species
344 identifiers

Most species

As of April 9th. Only includes people who joined the project:

  1. @sedge - 208
  2. @danielpohl - 199
  3. @grantfessler - 163
  4. @brdnrdr - 105
  5. @prairie_fairy - 100
  6. @rarecatsnake - 89
  7. @mrostrowski - 88
  8. @dennis_nyberg - 84
  9. @prairiebeeman - 77
  10. @adriansydor - 68

How are we doing on identifications?

Stats April 9th, 2022
Unknowns (no ID at all) 2022: 113
All-time: 237
Help identify observations with no identification at all
% Needs ID 2022: 37% (3,168)
All-time: 36% (220,420)
Help identify Needs ID observations
Needs ID obs by ILBBY 2022 participants 1,200
Help identify observations by people in the ILBBY 2022
Identifiers 477 people. Of those, 32 people have made 50 or more IDs on IL plants observed in 2022, 18 made 100 or more IDs, 5 made 300 or more IDs, and no one has yet made made 1,000 or more IDs.

Make a custom hitlist

The links below show which species haven't yet been observed and verified to Research Grade on iNat in Illinois in 2022.

You can even edit the search parameters on these pages to make your own custom hitlist for 2022. Add &user_id=bouteloua (use your username) to the end of the code in "In 2022" box. Learn more about editing search URLs at this page: If you're having trouble, comment below and I'd be happy to help out.

These links also highlight new finds for the state on iNat, such as this rustwort (Nowellia curvifolia) and this Scott's spleenwort (Asplenium × ebenoides) and this weft fern (Crepidomanes intricatum) all observed by @shawneenature.

Plant pic picks

Monotropa uniflora (ghost pipes) by @prairiebeeman in Coles County

Carex aureolensis (golden cattail sedge) by @sedge in Champaign County

Symplocarpus foetidus (skunk cabbage) by @chartreuse in Cook County

Asclepias syriaca (common milkweed) by @kevin2028 in Kankakee County

Trillium nivale (snow trillium) by @joncollins in Coles County

Allium tricoccum (wild leeks) by @andrewhipp in DuPage County

Illinois Native Plant Society news

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