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Observation of the Week Nov 12-Nov 18

@abiggs2 Snapped this amazing pic of an Osprey!
I am going to assume that the prey is some kind of fish?


P.S. Sorry it was late, I was rather busy over the weekend.

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Observation of the Week Nov 5-Nov 11

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Observation of the Week Oct 29-Nov 4

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Observation of the Week Oct 22-Oct 28

Starting this new weekly series where we display the best from SCCNS members!

Last week @abiggs2 snapped this shot of a Great egret leaving the water with a fish!


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Bioblitz of South Carolina State Parks
Hello! Get out and explore South Carolina's natural beauty through our state park system; from majestic mountains to the soft sandy beaches! Please recruit fellow in agrees to join this group! Friday 15th through Monday the 18th of September! This will be an annual event. Who knows you might just find a kinglet, though that would be rare I would think. 🤔
This is the first of this annual bioblitz. Have fun!

You need to join the Bioblitz project if you plan on visiting a state park during the alotted time.

What should be the species count goal? Ambitious (300) or conservative (100). Comment below

@abiggs2 @captainmantis37 @jtmartin54 @kimiller @kjmurph @matthew_campbell @norm_shea @patrickbelk @pwilson96 @ryan84 @sharleen_j @toxmace

Thanks all!

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The First Kinglet

Hey everyone! South Carolina Committed Naturalists Society has grown so much recently, thanks all! Last year we did the kinglet competition before this was an official group and @jtmartin54 won. This is annual competition so we are hosting it again. Will the reigning champion reclaim his title or not? Have fun! It must be an alive with photo Golden or Ruby-crowned Kinglet, observed in the state of South Carolina, Sep-Oct of this year; or even later in the very rare chance that no one finds one. Spread the word for new members who can participate. Also I haven't been as active lately cause I have been travelling, piano, etc... If anyone has any future competition or bioblitzes ideas let me know.

Thanks! Have fun and may the best Inatter win!

If you find one put a link in the comments to the observation so I don't miss it ;)

@abiggs2 @captainmantis37 @jtmartin54 @kjmurph @matthew_campbell @norm_shea @patrickbelk @pwilson96 @ryan84 @sharleen_j @toxmace

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Butterfly Bioblitz!

"Well hello there"* Starting tomorrow and ending next Wednesday, July 26 - August 2 is the start of the annually Butterfly Bioblitz! It must be observed in SC during these dates and be a true Butterfly! Good luck!

  • ps... I did not get that from Star Wars

@pwilson96 @jtmartin54 @abiggs2 @sharleen_j @ryan84 @toxmace @matthew_campbell

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Ant Bioblitz Results!

The results are in, 24 observations from 15 species! @pwilson96 won by species count, congrats!

Any future competition and/or bioblitz ideas, let me know.

@jtmartin54 @matthew_campbell @sharleen_j @ryan84 @abiggs2

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Ant Bioblitz

June 25-July 2 will be the annual ant bioblitz/competition. The goal is to strengthen our knowledge in ant species. The person with the most species within the confines of South Carolina and observed in the range of the event. Keep in mind the main goal is not winning (that was added for more fun) it’s for science. There are several species of ants unobserved in South Carolina. Most species are stuck at 1-3 obs. Please invite anyone in South Carolina to join South Carolina Commited Naturalists and participate in this project.

@ryan84 @jtmartin54 @abiggs2 @pwilson96 @sharleen_j

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South Carolina Committed Naturalists Society

Hi, in order to keep track of competitions and bioblitzes I advise you to please join
I need site admin. Our goal is to create id guides in our journal post for South Carolina. As well as encouraging people to join our group as well as Previous competitions such as Race for the Summer Tanager, and the Kinglet challenge will all be formed on this project. Please Join and happy Inatting!
If you have any competition or bioblitz ideas let me know here
@torgos23 @kkeivit @jtmartin54 @kcthetc1 @sharonoutside @sc_beetles @toxmace @sharleen_j @sudomir @pwilson96 @ferox_formicae @abiggs2 @matthew_campbell @kim_fleming @botanicaltreasures @johngrego @latraviata @picbor @ikirk @linaceae @ryan84 @hflamholtz @carolinashepherd @@ungberg

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