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期刊歸檔用於 2024年2月



Hey y'all, I made this post to inform everyone of our spring 24 goals. I know I have been rather inactive lately, but I assure you that will change. My apologies for not continuing the ob of the week series, I was extremely busy and it slipped my mind. Starting in March we will start the observation of the month series, because week wasn't really explainable. We will host the annual "Race for the Summer Tanager". There will also be a focus on herps come spring that I hope would be rather fascinating. I have also been thinking of ways to have a "meet and greet" kind of event, but that is still in its formation.

There were talks in December of people wanting to send pictures of their favorite observations from SC for our website. Just dm me, I would be happy to add them ( my pictures are rather subpar).

For the identifiers: If you have any resources for ids (I personally have compiled a few)n please comment the links or dm me so I can add them to our website.

Thank you all for being a part of what we do. I hope we can grow and make a difference.

Once again, I am sorry for not being very active on here lately. Its been quite busy in life.



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