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Great Southern Bioblitz (GSB) 22-25 October
This is the second year of GSB when every person in the Southern Hemisphere can record all species over 4 days in your backyard, in your neighbourhood or in your local bushland. Join Australia and 14 other countries in the largest citizen science biodiversity survey, 96 local areas including Budawang Coast have signed up to participate.

Using iNaturalist, GSB is an annual opportunity to participate in a global biodiversity survey. Until recently these bioblitzes were centered in the Northern Hemisphere in their springtime, so south of the equator we were coming into winter when the greatest amount of biodiversity wasn't on show! GSB was born from the desire to have a springtime survey of biodiversity when our area is abundant with emerging life.

Each time an observation is made, it is identified and used as a data point for that species, existing in that place, at that time. A valuable piece of scientific data which can be accessed for all sorts of important biological research.

We have special focus on Parrots this year because we need every sighting we can get of them. We are running a “Gang-gang nesting” project and we are also looking out for Glossy Black cockatoos. Both of these species are now threatened and we are keen to find out how many are living in our area, especially after the fires. We are keen to know what parrots are feeding on, so if you get a good sighting, add it to the “Hungry Parrots” project. (see previous journal posts or Facebook page for links to projects)

On Saturday 23 October, there is a Moth Hunt asking everyone to put up a white sheet under and outside light and when it gets dark, record all the moths and other insects that will be attracted. (see previous journal post or our Facebook page for details) Attend Eventbrite session on 23October to learn more

Given the ongoing pandemic we value participant safety as a priority. The beauty of the GSB is that you can participate when restrictions are in place, and long distance travel is not possible. You can do it solo or in a small group. All you need is an iNaturalist account, a device to take photos of wildlife and enthusiasm.

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