Weed alert - be on the lookout for this invasive weed - Aristea ecklonii, Blue Stars

It is now in our area!!! (link to photo below)
Blue Stars, an invasive weed from African continent, is a member of the Iris family. Still sold by nurseries because no government has listed it as a pest, it is a new dangerous class of shade-tolerant invasive species.
Outbreaks are causing concern as it produces masses of seed that spread by overland water flow, wind, machinery or on boots of walkers. It may also be spread by animals either ingesting the fruits or catching seeds on their feathers or fur. It grows in shade and can produce a dense ground cover under native forest or shrubland thus preventing regeneration of the native plants. It produces rhizomes that help the plant survive adverse conditions. These rhizomes produce new shoots when conditions are favourable, and can also produce a dense mat of fine fibrous roots.

Control: Aristea ecklonii is susceptible to glyphosate but indications are that the rhizome is not killed and resprouting from the rhizome occurs. Experiments are underway using different concentrations of glyphosate, with and without metsulfuran methyl, and using different application methods. When digging up plants, make sure to remove all of the rhizome. As an interim control measure, remove flowers and fruits between Spring and Autumn before fruits open.

Link to photos and removal techniques https://springbrookrescue.org.au/AristeaEcklonii.html

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from memory I have only come across this Aristea at three location and all were in the shoalhaven LGA. scattered from Potholes Beach to the eastern boundary of the Burrill Pines Hotel. These infestations were removed [>10yeasr ago] for NPWS so not sure of current status.
patch between Lobster Jack beach and the Lighthouse Oval {worked >15yrs ago}
scattered along Berrara Cove Reserve {worked >15yrs ago}
gerard Proust

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