Congratulations to Patricia Simpson!

The creator of the Mission Trails Regional Park Biodiversity Project on iNat, Patricia Simpson, was the winner of the City Nature Challenge 2022: San Diego County! And she didn't just squeak by, she had the most observations and the most species by wide margins. The observation period of the 2022 CNC started at midnight on April 29. By 12:01 a.m., Patricia already had made 2 observations--of moths! Her pace did not slow. After a full day, Patricia photographed her last observation of the day, another moth, at 11:58 p.m. Throughout the CNC period, Patricia was out documenting nature all day and part of the nights, ending up with 1,084 observations of 559 species. Her last observation during the CNC was of a California Poppy in Mission Trails Regional Park. Well done, @patsimpson2000 !

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Very nice! A few of the nights were pretty cold, so you soldiered through them!


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Congrats Patricia! Such a remarkable achievement!
Mark J

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Wow, what a wonderful determined effort with great objective results. We were out all 4 days, but obviously not as much as you, and we were exhausted by the day of day #1. Well done, Patricia, and thank you.


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Well Done Patricia!! Although I am not surprised. I was out of town for this year's event but hope to participate in '23.

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Congratulations, Patricia! That is AMAZING! What commitment!! Whatever your secret is will you please share it with the rest of us?
; )

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San Diego has some great leadership!

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Congratulations, Patricia! What an outstanding effort. It boggles my mind how many observations and how many species you recorded. An incredible accomplishment.

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Can't imagine!!! What an effort. Congratulations, Patricia!

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Thank you all for your kind words. The recipe is a job that gave me the incredible opportunity to be in a park at night for insects and interdital with friends, a hubby who was willing to drive (and drive we did!) and explore with me (he spotted almost all the herps in the desert as my eyes could only go from the very close to the very far and I was missing everything in between), a macro and a long range lens, an incredible amount of patience and frankly, a bit of insanity (deciding to go to Pine Valley after sleeping barely 3 hours the night before was just that, but so worthwhile. And "dropping by" MTRP on the way back from Anza Borrego!). We tried to hit different habitats: coastal, interdital, chaparral, oak woodland, riparian, desert, grassland... The plan for next year is to actually stay the night between places as opposed to drive back home every night, which was a lot. Thanks again!

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I'd like to point out that @milliebasden @docprt and @biohexx1 not only were amazing during CNC but did this all month long with the Border Bioblitz 2022! Congrats on being on the leaderboard. This event also included all of the US/Mexico border regions. San Diego clearly kicked tushes!

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