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期刊歸檔用於 2023年2月


JAN 2023 - Rouge National Urban Park, sighting of the month - American Kestrel

The American Kestrel, Ontario’s smallest falcon. They are usually observed perched upon phone lines/poles near open fields where they scope out their prey of mice, voles, beetles, dragonflies, butterflies, frogs, grasshoppers and smaller birds. Their occasional appetite for sparrows as part of their diet is thought possible reason this bird was previously called the Sparrow Hawk. While out hunting they need also stay vigilant as not to become prey themselves to larger birds such as the Red-tailed and Cooper’s hawks found in the same habitat.

This months sighting by @galloots13 . A colourful male Kestrel identified by the slate blue head and wings that offset his copper coloured back.
Click on photo to see full observation details including when and where in the park this bird was seen.

Falco sparverius , photo credit @galloots13

Please check back for next months sighting!
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